Avoid Knee Pain! Build Strong Legs And Glutes

When we get injured, we think this means we either have to completely stop doing the things we love or…well…we ignore it and just push through the pain until we end up with injuries elsewhere.

But ignoring or avoiding the problem isn’t really the answer.

Both can actually lead to injuries elsewhere as we continue to compensate.

Instead we’ve got to correct the imbalances and compensations going on. This means improving our mobility and flexibility while getting the correct muscles working!

And when we talk about improving our mobility and even STRENGTHENING muscles to prevent the pain, we don’t only want to focus on our knees and the muscles around our knees. We also need to address issues at our feet and ankles and hips.

A lack of hip or ankle mobility can lead to issues at our knees. So can weak, underactive glutes that cause us to overuse our hamstrings, hips and quads.

That is why it is important we focus on correcting the imbalances and compensations throughout our lower body that led to the injury instead of just ignoring it or avoiding movements that cause pain!

Try this great workout to help you prevent knee pain and stay strong for your running, cycling or lifting!

This can even be condensed into a great warm up before your workouts to make sure you get the most out of your workouts and stay injury-free! (Remember the best rehab is PREHAB!)

The Avoid Knee Pain Workout

This workout includes foam rolling to relax tight and overactive muscles so you can then get the correct muscles working and even help prevent the muscles that like to try to take over from taking over.

Then it includes stretch to improve your flexibility and mobility while starting to warm up muscles. Finally you will focus on activation movements to help build leg strength and get those glutes firing correctly!

Foam Rolling:
Complete 1 round through the series, holding on any tight spots you find instead of rolling quickly back and forth. If something isn’t tight, you don’t need to roll it. But if something is tight, don’t hesitate to spend an extra 10-15 seconds on that area.

30 seconds per side Quad Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side Adductor Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side TFL/Glute Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side Calf Foam Rolling

Complete 1 round through this series, spending more time on any tight areas. You can do these for about 20-40 seconds per move or side or up to 10 reps per side. Your focus is on improving your range of motion over the reps or time.

5-10 reps per way per side 3-Way Leg Swings
5-10 reps per side Crescent to Hamstring Stretch
5-10 reps per side Standing IT Band Stretch
10 reps Frog Stretch
4-6 reps per side Pigeon Pose Circles

Complete 1-5 rounds through the circuit below. Rest 30-45 seconds between rounds as needed. Do more rounds if this is your only workout for the day or only 1-3 if part of your warm up!

30 seconds Mini Band Wall Sit
30 seconds Mini Band Alternating Side Steps
30 seconds Mini Band Glute Bridge
30 seconds Close Stance Glute Bridge


Ready to improve your lower body flexibility and mobility and get your glutes activated and strong so you can prevent knee, hip, ankle, and even low back pain!?

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