Banana Splits

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To do the Banana Split, start lying on the ground with your arms extended overhead and your legs out straight on the ground. Then lift up into Banana, crunching your shoulder blades up as you lift your legs up off the ground and press your low back down into it. Lift your legs up higher to make it easier.

Then roll onto your side, keeping the Banana position. Use your abs to roll onto your sides, but not roll all the way over. Pause for a second, then roll back into Banana.

From Banana, sit up, tucking your knees in toward your chest as your wrap your arms around your shins to balance on your butt. Try not to touch your feet down.

Then open up, lying back down as you straighten your legs out and open and reach your arms out and open overhead. Do not completely relax onto the ground as you open up. Keep your legs up off the ground and your shoulder blades slightly crunched up. Press your low back down into the ground to keep your abs engaged.

Then sit back up and again balance on your butt as you tuck your knees in and wrap your arms around your shins. Pause for a second then move back into Banana, keeping your abs engaged and legs and shoulders up off the ground. Do not relax and disengage as you open up.

Roll onto your other side, again not rolling all the way over, before repeating Banana and the Cherry Bomb. Keep alternating rolls each direction.