Band Pull Downs

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To do Band Pull Downs, you can do them with a Mini Band, a Resistance Band or a Theraband. You don’t need a very heavy resistance to make this move work. You can even use a towel. Just use something to help remind you to activate and pull with your back.

If you use a band, hold the band in both hands with your hands about hip-width apart. Slightly pull out on the band so that there is tension on the band. Press your chest out and reach the band overhead, keeping the band tight between your hands. You may need to adjust your hands in closer if the band is light. You want to pull out on it so your hands are not much wider than shoulder-width apart at most.

Then pull the band down toward your chest, as if pulling your chest up to the bar during a Pull Up. Pinch your shoulder blades down and back and feel your back working to pull the band down. Drive your elbows down to the ground and slightly back as you pull the band down keeping it tight between your hands.

You can either hold at the bottom of the pull or slowly reach the band back overhead to complete repetitions. If you do repetitions, move slowly and make sure to maintain tension on the band the entire time. Focus on really pulling the band down with your back while “leading” with your chest.

Do not arch your low back as you perform the pulls even though you want to press your chest out. Make sure you also don’t simply feel the outsides of your shoulders working, but instead feel your back. If you only feel your shoulders, you may be using too heavy a band or you may be too focused on pulling out on the band instead of down.