Barbell Hip Thruster

To do the Barbell Hip Thruster, set up a bench and make sure it won’t move as you bridge up onto it. Take a barbell and put some padding around it so that it won’t dig into your hips as you perform the move.

Place your upper back on the bench and sit your butt on the ground with your legs out straight. Place the barbell over your hips and then bend your knees and plant your feet firmly on the ground and close to your butt.

Then drive up through your heels and your upper back on the bench, to lift your glutes and the barbell up toward the ceiling.

Squeeze your glutes and press your hips up as high as possible, driving the barbell up and off the ground. Hold a second or two at the top and then lower back down and repeat.

Do not hyperextend your back at the top. Keep your belly button pulled in toward your spine and really squeeze your glutes at the top. You can even use the pelvic tilt to keep your abs engaged and prevent your low back from taking over. Make sure you are driving straight up through your heels. Do not push yourself backward over the bench.

You may find that as you bridge up you want to “push” the barbell down toward your thighs to help you drive up and squeeze your glutes.

Lower back down toward the ground and repeat. You do not fully need to touch the weight down, but you do want to complete a full range of motion. Make sure to sit back forward as you lower down so that you don’t hyperextend your low back by simply lowering your butt.

Then repeat, driving your hips back up.

Do not rush the movement. While you can add weight to make the movement harder, you may also want to slow down the tempo.