Bench Straight Leg Kickbacks

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To do the 2-Way Bench Leg Swings, place one knee and both hands on a bench with your knee under your hips and your hands under your shoulders. Your other leg will be off to the side of the bench hanging straight down to the ground.

Keeping your arms straight, brace your core and then lift the leg off the bench straight back toward the wall behind your. Squeeze your glute to lift your leg straight out behind you and extend your hip. Keep your core engaged and do not hyperextend your low back or rotate your hips open just to kick the leg up higher as you lift it back behind you.

Lower back down and repeat the lift with the same leg. Do not bend your arms or really rock away to get the leg up higher. You want to move from the hip and use your glute. Complete all reps on one side before switching.

Do not simply swing the leg up quickly to try to get it higher. Really focus on extending the hip and contracting the glutes. It is better to lift lower and feel your glute working than to swing it up higher and engage your back. Even think a bit about driving your heel into the wall behind you as you lift.