Bent Over Towel/Band Row

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To do the Bent Over Towel or Band Row, hold a towel or band with both hands. For the towel hold about shoulder-width apart and pull out to create tension. With the band, hold in a bit closer then pull out to create tension so your hands are about shoulder-width apart. You can use a variety of grips (with your palms facing away or toward you).

Holding the band or towel straight down in front of you, bend your knees slightly and hinge over, pushing your butt back while keeping your back flat. Then row the band/towel up to your chest, driving your elbows down and back toward the ceiling. Do not curl your forearms up toward your chest as you row or turn this to turn into a bicep curl. Make sure you feel your back pulling the band or towel up and not simply your arms curling the towel/band in. Also, make sure your back doesn’t round and you keep your chest pressed out.

Then straighten your arms back out to the ground. Keep tension in your back and your back flat as you lower. Do not use your legs to lift and lower or let tension loosen on the band or towel. Make sure consistently pull outward to create tension between your hands. Keep your core tight and your back still and flat as you row. You should not feel this move in your low back. If you do, you may be arching your back or you may need to bend your knees a bit.

Make sure to really feel your upper back rowing each time you drive your elbows back!