Burpee Sit Thrus

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To do the Burpee Sit Thru, start standing with your feet together. Then squat down and bend over to place your hands on the ground in front of your feet.

As you place your hands on the ground, jump your feet back into a Bulldog position so that your knees are bent with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders.

From this bent-knee position, kick one leg under your body and through toward the opposite hand as you lift the opposite hand to “sit through.” Rotate open and try to kick through so that you could sit on the ground if needed. You can raise the lifted hand up toward the ceiling or simply lift it to your chest.

Then quickly bring the leg back under your body as you lower your hand back down to come back to the Bulldog position. Then sit through on the other side. You will again kick the leg under your body and through as you lift your opposite hand. You want to rotate all the way through so you could actually sit if you lost your balance.

Once you’ve performed a Sit Thru to both sides, jump your feet back in toward your hands and lift your hands up to come back up to standing. Jump up off the ground at the top and then repeat the movement.

Beginners may find they want to jump back into more of a plank position to make the Sit Thru easier. Advanced exercisers with more mobility will want to perform the Sit Thru from more of a Bulldog hold starting position and will want to move as quickly as possible.