Child’s Pose

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To do the Child’s Pose (with Reaches), point your toes and sit back on your heels as much as you can as you reach your arms out straight in front of you on the ground. Relax and reach out as far as you can with your hands as you try to keep your butt all the way back on your heels.

Relax here and sit your butt back. You can even reach your hands back toward your feet if you really want to focus on stretching your low back.

To add in reaches and really stretch down your sides, start reaching straight ahead as you sit your butt back. Then walk your hands to one side. Breathe and feel a stretch down your side and into your low back. Make sure to continue to sit back. Don’t let your butt come forward as you reach.

Then walk your hands back center and to the other side. Hold to each side for a breath or two. Repeat walking your hands back to the first side.