Density Training – Get Great Results Even When You’re Short On Time

The week gets busy. Family obligations. Last minute projects at work.

And all of the sudden those times we planned to go to the gym just don’t happen.

But you can continue working toward your fitness goals EVEN when you’re short on time.

And designing workouts using Density Training is a great way to do it!

What is Density Training?

Density Training is exactly what it sounds like – you’re creating more “density” in your workout.

So what is “density?”

Training density or density relates to two specific training variables – volume and duration.

Volume is the work load, the reps and sets you perform, while duration is the time it takes you to do your workout.

When you combine these two, you get your training density.

With Density Training, your goal is to increase the amount of work you can do in a given amount of time.

This can be done by…

  1. Increasing work load or volume while keeping the time or duration the same.
  2. Decreasing the time while keeping your work load the same.

Every time we use an AMRAP correctly or try to beat or our time on a workout or do strength training for INTERVALS, we can implement Density Training to get not only great strength results, but also great FAT LOSS results!

Why use Density Training?

If you’re looking for a quick workout that will help with muscular hypertrophy, strength endurance AND even fat loss, then you need to include a form of Density Training in your routine.

Density Training will improve your work capacity aka your body’s ability to do work and can help increase both strength and strength endurance, which are both key to muscle growth!

While bodybuilders traditionally used this method mainly for hypertrophy, because of the intensity and the lack of a full rest period, it can also help you improve your body composition.

How To Use It:

By either increasing work load or decreasing duration, you can implement Density Training into your routine.

AMRAP Workouts, as many rounds as possible in a set time (also called a “timed circuit”), are a great way to implement Density Training and are one of the more popular designs.

Time To Beat set ups are another great way to increase density by shortening the duration of the workout while keeping the volume the same.

Strength Intervals are a third great way, especially if fat loss is the goal.

Strength Intervals challenge you to do more reps of a move in a set interval before transitioning to the next move. So unlike the other density workouts where the number of reps for each move stay the same each round, you’re trying to do MORE reps with each interval.

So if you’re looking to get great results even during those busy weeks, Density Training is a great way to do it!

It is even a great way to help you build muscle if you don’t have access to equipment!

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