Dynamic Squat Flow

To do the Dynamic Squat Flow, start standing tall. Lift one foot up off the ground and begin to circle your foot, circling from the ankle. Complete a few circles clockwise and a few counterclockwise.

foot circles

Then place that foot down on the ground and circle the other foot. Place that foot back down and stand with your feet and legs close together. Bend over and place your hands on your knees and then, with a slight bend to your knees, circle your knees clockwise and then counterclockwise.

joint circles

After performing a few circles, stand up nice and tall and place your hands on your hips. Circle at your hips clockwise and counterclockwise. Don’t really bend your knees to get a bigger circle. Really focus on circling both ways from your hips.

hip mobility

Once you’ve done a few circles each way, move your feet to about hip-width apart. Then hang over, reaching for the ground as you keep your legs straight. Feel a stretch down your hamstrings and calves and even up into your back. As you hang over, circle your arms and upper body over toward the outside of your right foot.

Then come back around front and circle over toward the outside of your left foot. Keep your legs straight and feel a stretch up the outside of the opposite side from where you are reaching. Come back center. Move a few times from side to side then hang down center.

You can place your hands on your feet or even on the ground between your legs, but try to keep your legs straight. You can even place your hands on your shins.

Then sink into a squat, keeping your heels down. Sink as low as you can while keeping your heels down. You can use your hands on your feet or in between your legs to help you get lower. You can even slightly press out on your knees to stretch out your inner thighs a bit.


In the low squat, you can shift a little from side to side. You can even lift your hands and drive your elbows into your knees more as you rock.

You can also alternate knee drops while in the low squat. To do the knee drops, rotate and drop one knee in and forward on the ground, pivoting your feet. Then come back to the squat and drop the other knee forward and slightly across your body before moving back to the squat. You can place your hands on the ground if you need to balance.


After sitting a bit in the squat, hang back over with your legs straight and butt up in the air.

Then repeat the entire thing (even the ankle, knee and hip circles) or simply the hang over circles and the squat. Focus on the areas of tightness.

You can also change your foot position as you flow through the Dynamic Squat Series. You can bring your feet all the way together and squat (great way to warm up your legs for single leg squats) or you can widen your feet out more and squat, especially if you really want to open up your inner thighs.

To do the wide squat, widen your feet out to at least shoulder-width if not slightly wider. You can even point your toes slightly out. Perform the hang over with straight legs and even circle from the outside of one foot to the other.

Then with your hands center, sink down into the squat. Rock slightly side to side at the bottom and even push your elbows into your knees to drive them open and stretch your inner thighs more.

squat stretch

You can even do rotational reaches at the bottom of this squat or any of the other squat stances.

To do the rotational reaches, sit at the bottom of the squat and place one hand down on the ground as you reach the other hand up toward the ceiling. Really try to rotate your chest open as you reach. Keep your heels down as you rotate open.

squat with rotations

Then place that hand down on the ground and reach and rotate the other way. Do a few rotational reaches then hang back over with your legs straight before standing back up. Remember to focus on any tight areas. You do not need to do all the pieces every time. Just focus on the parts of the flow that address your tight areas.