Eccentric Push Up

The Eccentric Push Up can be done as an Eccentric-Focused Push Up or an Eccentric-Only variation. In both, you will lower down slowly to the ground. In one you press back up, doing the full push up while in the other you simply reset at the top.

To do the Eccentric Focused Push Up, start by lying on the ground with your legs together. Place your hands outside your chest. Draw your belly button in toward your spine and squeeze your glutes and flex your quads as you flex your feet and drive back through your heels.

Then press up to the top of the push up with your arms locked out and your body in a nice straight line.

Everything should move together as you press up to the top of the push up. Do not let your butt go up in the air or your hips sag toward the ground. Do not tuck your chin. Keep your head in line with your spine. Make sure to keep your core tight so your low back doesn’t arch.

Then lower back down, going as slowly as you can or following an outlined slower tempo like a 3 or 5 count. Make sure your body moves as one unit. Touch your chest to the ground and then lift quickly right back up.

If your body doesn’t move together, if you do the “worm” as you press up or down, regress to your knees or an incline push up.

If you only do the worm when you press back while doing this Push Up from your toes, simply reset at the top instead of pushing back up so that you can then lower slowly back down (aka the Eccentric Only variation). Even if you can’t push up with good form, lowering slowly down with good form from the full Push Up position will help you improve your Push Ups.