Ego Is For Idiots

It’s hard not to get caught up on the number…on your time.

It’s hard not to just focus on pushing harder, eeking out more rounds to try to beat the person next to you.

But that ego we have sometimes with what we can lift and how fast we can run is what gets us into trouble.

EGO is for IDIOTS.

I said this when we were talking at the St. Louis workout and I INSTANTLY loved it. I was very proud of myself for that snappy line hehe (told them all we should have it put on a shirt)…

So Jeremy actually took my statement to heart and sent me this!!

(PS If you like his design and need logo or graphic work done please check out his Insta! He is amazing! @aloysiusrichthofen)

Ego is something we all fall victim to when we are working out.

Lifting more and running faster is not only fun, but kind of our GOAL with working out so we do want to push those limits.

But getting so caught up on that number or that mile time is what also gets us into trouble.

It can cause us to ignore what is TRULY essential if we want results…Are we actually taking the time to move and feel better and get stronger?


Are you using the right muscles when you lift? Are you performing movements that are actually moving you forward toward your goals?

Are your workouts progressing you forward or merely hard?

Are you pushing through pain or actually building your foundation?

The key to results is sometimes regressing to progress instead of trying to lift more as we train smarter not just harder (two of my other favorite sayings!).

Put that ego aside and focus on what actually makes you move and feel better. If you do that, the results will come and they will LAST.

Ego is for idiots. Train smarter, not just harder. Regress to progress.

Those three things sum up my training philosophy. *Mic drop*

– Cori

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