Extended Triangle

To do the Extended Triangle, set up in a wide stance, stepping one foot forward (with your feet about 4 feet apart). Turn your back toe out while your front foot should be pointing straight ahead. You want your feet to be almost perpendicular although you back toe can be slightly forward. Make sure that your front foot is about at the instep of your back foot if you look back from your front heel to your back foot.

Then push your butt back and hinge over at the hips, reaching the same hand as the leg that is forward down to the ground. Make sure to keep your legs straight as you hinge. If your legs start to bend, do not reach lower or make sure you are pushing your butt back. You may also find you need to bring your back foot in so your stance isn’t quite as wide to help you keep your legs straight.

Place your hand on the ground at the instep of your foot. If you can’t reach the ground, you can also place your hand on a block, your foot, your shin or your ankle to help make sure you keep your legs straight.

Extend your opposite arm up toward the ceiling, opening your chest up toward the ceiling. If you can’t really open your chest up toward the ceiling, you may want to place your hand up higher on your leg or on a block. You can then keep looking at the ground to help you balance or look up toward the ceiling to make the move harder.