Feet-Raised Hip Thrusters

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To do the Feet-Raised Hip Thruster, place a box and a bench close enough together that your back can be on the bench and your feet up on the box with your knees bent to about 90 degrees. (If your legs are out too straight, you will use more hamstrings than glutes.)

Place your upper back on the bench and your heels up on the box. Then, driving up through your heels and your upper back, press your hips up and squeeze your glutes.

Lift your hips to full extension, hold for a second and lower back down.

Make sure you don’t drive yourself backward over the bench. Squeeze your glutes and press straight up, almost as if you are sort of driving your knees forward toward your toes.

And, like with all the glute bridges and hip thrusters, make sure you don’t hyperextend your low back at the top. Consciously squeeze your glutes and drive up through your heels while keeping your abs engaged.

You may even want to perform a pelvic tilt as you thrust so that you don’t hyperextend your low back if you are prone to do so.

Make sure your knees don’t fall apart at the top but stay in line with your hips and ankles.

Drop back down so your butt goes below the height of the box and repeat. You do not have to touch the ground each time, but you do want to do a bigger range of motion than you could do from the ground.

If you can’t lower down past the box, you may want to regress the move to a glute bridge variation.

Do not rush through this movement. Progress this movement by holding longer at the top and slowing down the tempo of your reps. More time under tension can lead to great results or you can even progress to a single leg variation!