Full Dips

To do the Full Dip, place a hand on each bar and grip the bar tightly.

Jump or press up so that your weight is held by your arms and your arms are fully extended with your chest pressed out and your shoulders down. Do not shrug your shoulders as you hold at the top of the dip. You can keep your legs down straight or bend your knees. When you do Dips, you can lean forward a bit to target your chest more or you can stay more upright to focus on your triceps more.

From the top of the dip, slowly bend your elbows and lower your body down toward the ground. You want to lower yourself down until your upper arms are about parallel to the ground.

Then drive back up through your hands until you are fully extended at the top. Keep your core tight and squeeze your glutes as you press up so you don’t arch your low back. Also, try to keep your head in line with your spine as you dip and press.

Once you’ve locked your arms out at the top of the dip, lower back down and repeat.

Again, you can stay more upright to work more tricep or lean forward a bit more to work the chest.

Variations and/or Modifications: