Half Wall Hang

To do the Half Wall Hang, place your hands on the wall and walk them down until your chest is parallel to the ground. Walk your feet back so that you are hinging over with your hips bent to about 90 degrees and your legs straight.

Your back and arms should be straight with your arms running along side your head. You want a nice straight line from your hands on the wall to your tailbone.

Press your chest out through your arms and feel a nice stretch through your chest and down the sides of your back. You may even feel a stretch down your hamstrings as you lean over against the wall.

Hold and breathe. Try to press your chest through toward the ground as you hold and work on your thoracic extension.

Beginners may need to start with their hands higher up on the wall and their feet closer in so that they aren’t leaning over as much.

Make sure your back is flat and not at all rounded as you hold.