“I Bet You’re Perfect With Your Diet…”

The plain and simple truth is – CONSISTENCY MATTERS MOST.

You want me to sum up in one sentence what truly is at the heart of reaching your goals?

Well that is it.

We think it’s perfection….

I even had someone say to me the other day…

“I bet you’re perfect with your diet.”

…And I bust up laughing.


While getting a six pack takes dedication and hard work, I think too often we put PERFECTION ahead of CONSISTENCY for results!

And when we think that perfection matters most, we end up in this constant yo-yo dieting cycle.

We deprive ourselves till we can’t stand it. Avoiding everything that isn’t “perfect.”

And then, when we just can’t take it any longer, we crack.

But we don’t indulge in just one LITTLE thing…nope.

Because we’ve felt so deprived not only do we “mess up” that perfection but we often swing so far the other way we can’t get back on track.

So perfection…well it’s overrated.

And I would 100% say I’m NOT perfect with my diet. 

Far from it.

But consistent?

YUP. That I am 100%.

I’m consistent enough to stay within the range I want and adjust my diet based on my goals – adding muscle, losing fat, lifting heavier…

So as you start to make changes to your diet, don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself to be PERFECT.

Set small changes that allow you to build something you can be CONSISTENT with!

Learn how to take CONTROL of your diet and get off that dieting roller coast.

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