I’m Motivated…Now What? – The HOW…

“What if someone is already motivated? What if it’s not the motivation or the WHY they need but the HOW? What then?”

I thought it was a great question that one of my clients asked.

I often talk about knowing your WHY. Having a true reason to accomplish something that motivates you long after that initial motivation disappears.

But I don’t as specifically talk about the HOW.

Because the HOW is often more complicated…And that complicatedness is probably the reason why so many of us even give up before we start.

I mean…”Where do you even start?! How do you get over how overwhelming change can be? How do you reach your ultimate goal when nothing has been working!?”


Well step number 1 is define your goal.


Don’t just vaguely say you’re eating well come Monday. Or that you’re going to workout 5 times a week.


Lay out a plan! Give yourself a map from point A to point B.

Heck, you may make a wrong turn at some point, but better to have a map so you know where you went wrong than to be completely unaware of where you could even possibly be or how you got there!

Lay out a PLAN so you can track and know what is working and what isn’t working.

If you don’t have a plan and aren’t tracking small changes, you may not see the progress you are actually making! You may also have no idea that something IS or IS NOT working!

Your HOW needs to be a plan. And that plan may change but you NEED something to get you started with clear direction.

That is also why in April, I’m offering my Shred Bundle. This bundle gives you a clear PLAN for both your diet and exercise needs.

So if you want a 6 week plan to take you from point A to point B… aka from where you are now to the body you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to commit to a PLAN and join my Shred Bundle!

It’s a cheesy quote, but nothing is more true…

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

–> The 6 Week Shred Bundle