Landmine Knees

To do Landmine Knees, stand facing the Landmine with the barbell in both hands. Press the barbell up overhead and move back behind the barbell. Set up in a staggered stance with one leg straight back.

Then pull the weight down and toward the side of the foot that is staggered back. As you pull the weight down, bring that knee up and in toward your chest. Pull the weight and drive the knee toward each other. Crunch slightly as you bring the two together.

Then quickly press back overhead and straighten the leg back and out, driving the foot back into the staggered stance. Again, quickly pull the weight down and drive the knee up. Move quickly and explosively.

Complete all reps on one side before switching. If you find you can’t bring the knee close to the bar, you may be in too close to the barbell and need to set up a little more behind it.

Start light as this move will challenge your balance more than you realize. Keep your abs braced the entire time so that you don’t feel this move in your low back.