Lat Pull Down

To do the Lat Pull Down, anchor a resistance band up high. Then grab the band in both hands with your palms facing away. (Just like with the Pull Up, you can use a variety of grips and even hold it with your palms facing each other or toward you.) Step back and sink into a deep lunge with the back leg straight. Lean forward over the front leg with your back flat and reach your hands up overhead holding the band. Make sure there is tension in the band as you extend your arms up toward the anchor point. You want to create a nice straight line from your hands to your tailbone so that you can mimic the vertical pull.

Then pull the band down to your shoulders, driving your elbows down toward your hips. Feel your shoulder blades retracting and the sides of your back working to pull the band down. Keep your chest pressed out and your core tight as you pull the band down. Do not let your back round just to pull the band lower.

Hold for a second then extend your arms back overhead and repeat. Make sure to keep your back flat and draw your shoulder blades down and back as you pull the band down to you. Step further away from the anchor point to increase the tension and make the move harder. Make sure to pull the band down to your shoulders in a controlled fashion, hold for a count then extend your arms back out in a controlled fashion.