Leg Raise Pulses

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To do Leg Raise Pulses, lie on your back with your hands behind your head or arms down by your sides. Raise your legs straight up toward the ceiling. Beginners may bend their knees. To advance the move, crunch your upper body up or to modify, keep your head on the ground.

Then lift your legs straight up toward the ceiling, lifting your butt up off the ground. Don’t swing your legs so your feet come back toward your head. You just want to instead pulse your toes straight up toward the ceiling as if a string is pulling your feet straight up.

Keep the move small and don’t swing. Beginners can lift their butt up off the ground and keep their knees bent to 90 degrees instead. They can even do a single leg pulses if needed. Do not let your lower back take over. Regress to make sure your abs are working!