Leg Wipers

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To do Leg Wipers, you will set up like you did for the Leg Lowers with your abs engaged and legs straight up toward the ceiling. Stretch your arms out at shoulder height on the ground. This will help you keep your core engaged and prevent you from completely collapsing over as you lower your legs down to each side.

Keeping your abs braced and legs straight, lower your legs down toward one side. Try not to let them move too far away from you as you slowly lower them down to one side. You want to try to keep your hips bent toward 90 degrees as you lower them down to the side. Keep your arms stretched out on the ground as you lower down.

Lower your legs close to the ground without touching all the way down. If you relax your legs down onto the ground, you release tension on your abs. So lower close but not all the way down.

Then use your abs to pull your legs back up center. Keep your legs straight as you rotate back center. Then lower toward the other side.

Only lower down as far as you can while keeping your abs engaged. Beginners may need to bend their knees to 90 degrees to do the rotations instead of keeping their legs straight.