Low To High Woodchoppers

To do Low to High Woodchopper, anchor a band down low and grab the handle of the band in both hands. Step away from the anchor point so that there is tension in the band even when your hands are back toward the anchor point. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and your side to the anchor point.

Pivot your feet and bend your knees to reach the handle down outside the knee closest to the anchor point. Your arms should be straight and your chest should be up and there should be tension on the band. Do not round your back to reach lower. Bend your knees and bring the hands outside your knee.

Then bring your arms and the band up and across your body as you stand up and pivot toward the opposite shoulder. You should end up reaching the other way with your arms reaching up and out at about shoulder height. Do not reach too high up as you reach across. You do not want to shrug your shoulders or bring the band across your face or neck.

Pivot back to the starting position and bend your knees as you control the band back down and across. Move in a slow and controlled fashion back down. Do not let the band pull you. Complete all reps to one side before switching.