Lower Back Pain? It’s Not Your Lower Back’s Fault!

“My low back hurts…How do I strengthen it?”

But what if strengthening it isn’t really the issue?

What if working it more won’t fix your problem and may actually make it WORSE!?

Low back aches and pains are one of the most common issues out there. About 80% of the population will at some time or another complain that their low back is “bugging” them.

I mean who hasn’t gotten low back soreness from sitting too long? Or we’ve known someone who’s “thrown their back out” picking up something as freaking light as a pencil. Heck, it’s may have even happened to us!

So what do we often do when this happens?

We go “rest up” on the couch or sit and don’t workout. We avoid moves we think may have caused it.

But rest and avoidance don’t really solve the problem.

Because we then go back to repeating the same poor movement patterns and compensations that caused it in the first place.

So maybe in an attempt to prevent yourself from getting injured again you think, “I’ll add in more moves to strengthen my low back.”

I mean it got injured cause it was weak, right?


Yes, sometimes weakness does lead to injury.

But guess what!?!

It may not be low back weakness that is the issue…

Actually working your low back more may only PERPETUATE the pain!

Often with low back injuries, we are ticking time bombs.

We spend way too much time seated with our hips in flexion hunched over a computer, driving in a car, watching TV…

This hip tightness and constant flexion can make our glutes, and even abs, under active and cause our low back to want to work during exercises and movements when other muscles should actually be doing the work.

It leads to compensations, imbalances and overuse injuries.

It causes our low back to become OVERWORKED!

Which is why simply working your low back more, thinking it is weak, isn’t the answer.

Too often when we get injured, we only focus on the point of pain. When the actual problem causing the imbalances and compensations that lead to our pain, aren’t exactly where we hurt.

That’s why you may want to give your low back a break and start addressing these other issues:

  • Hip Flexor Tightness
  • Glute Activation
  • Core Strength
  • Imbalances

If you can get your glutes and abs working as they should, they will help prevent your low back from becoming overworked. They will PROTECT YOUR LOW BACK.

But often to get your glutes and abs working correctly, you also need to address hip flexor tightness and any imbalances you have between, not only your right and left sides, but even between different muscle groups.

Ever feel one side more than the other during exercises?

Or maybe you only feel your hamstrings or low back during glute bridges?

Or maybe you only ever feel your quads (the fronts of your legs) during leg exercises and never your butt?

These are all imbalances that need to be corrected! And often we ignore these things when we workout and continue to push through because these things seem like they have nothing to do with our low back pain.

I know I know…It’s not where it hurts.


And they all relate back to getting the RIGHT MUSCLES working. AKA your abs and glutes!

Using isolation exercises that require little to no resistance for higher repetitions, you can activate your abs and glutes and improve your hip mobility to prevent further low back aches and pains.

The key is to use these moves to rebuild that mind-body connection and get the right muscles working BEFORE you do other compound moves.

That way when you run and lift, your abs and glutes will work as they should!

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