Lunge and Reach

To do the Lunge and Reach, hold a dumbbell (if you use weight) in both hands. Then sink down into a lunge and extend your arms with the dumbbell down outside your front knee. Make sure that as you sink into the lunge you aren’t rounding forward to reach the dumbbell lower toward the ground. Keep your front heel on the ground and your foot slightly turned out.

After lunging and reaching your arms straight down outside your knee, pull the dumbbell in toward your chest as you stand up and pivot toward the opposite side. As you pivot toward the other side, press the dumbbell out and up overhead. Make sure that as you pivot across and up with the weight, you pivot your back leg so that your hip, knee and ankle all extend.

Then lower back down, bringing the weight back down to your chest and then back down outside your knee as you pivot and sink back into a deep lunge. Make sure you pivot to lunge and press. Complete all reps to one side before switching.

Do not round over to reach the weight lower. And when you stand up, make sure to engage your glute and stand tall with the weight pressed up and out.