Mini Band Hip Thrusters

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To do the Mini Band Hip Thruster, place the mini band around your hips and lie on your back on the ground. Place your feet flat on the ground and reach your arms down by your sides to press the mini band down into the ground. The closer your heels are to your glutes, the more the move will isolate your butt. The farther from your glutes your heels are, the more your hamstrings will be involved. Make sure that no matter how close or far your heels are from your butt, your heels stay down as you bridge up.

Then pressing the band down into the ground, bridge your hips up toward the ceiling, driving through your heels and upper back.

Bridge your hips up as high as you can, pressing against the band; however, do not hyperextend your low back just to bridge up higher. Hold for a second and then lower back down.

Slow down the tempo of the move to make it harder or use a heavier resistance. You can also make the Thruster more challenging by doing a single leg variation.

Also, make sure to keep the mini band against the ground as you bridge up. If you can’t get your hips as high using the band as you can with a basic glute bridge, regress the movement. Try a single leg bridge first without the band before adding the band in.