Mini Band Monster Walks

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To do the Mini Band Monster Walk, place the band around both ankles. The higher up your leg you put the band, the easier the move will be. Choose a place (knees, ankles, feet) that allows you to take large steps while feeling your glute working and not other muscles taking over. With the band around your ankles, step your feet out to about hip-width to shoulder-width apart (maybe even a bit wider) so that there is tension in the band. Make sure your knees don’t cave in as you widen your feet out.

Keeping tension on the band, step one foot forward and out to the side. Then step the other foot forward and out to the other side. You want to make sure that you are not only taking big steps forward but also out wide so that there is lots of tension on the band. Make sure that your knees don’t cave in as you step and that you aren’t “swinging” your legs but actually stepping and forcing your glutes to work.

Continue walking forward, taking big “monster” steps. Keep your feet as wide apart as you can while moving forward. You can slightly bend your knees (and again, remember to not let your knees cave in!).

Then walk backward in the same manner. Step back and out with each foot, keeping tension on the band. Do not wiggle your hips open as you walk back or “swing” your leg around to help you walk. You want to focus on stepping straight back and out so that you feel your glutes working.

You can also do either a low monster walk (more of a squat) or a straighter leg variation. Try not to waddle or rotate your hips though as you walk. If you can’t control the move and you don’t feel your glutes working, use a lighter band or place it higher up on your legs. Also, make sure your knees don’t cave in as you walk!