Mini Band Seated Abductions

To do the Mini Band Seated Abductions, sit on the ground with your hands behind you and the band around your knees. If you place the band right below your knees, it will make the move a little harder while placing it above your knee will make the move a bit easier. Above the knee makes it easier to activate your glutes. Choose a placement that allows you to feel your glutes powering the movement instead of your hips and quads taking over.

Then place your feet about hip-width apart and close in toward your butt. You can place them a bit wider or closer together depending on the resistance of your band. Sit up nice and tall and press your hips forward as you open your knees out against the band as wide as you. Really sit up nice and tall and do not slouch.

After opening your knees up against the band, slowly bring them back together. Do not let the band pull you. Press them back open against the band. Do not worry if you rock toward the outside of your feet. Really just focus on using your glutes to press your knees open against the band. Do not rock your legs open.

Complete all reps, adjusting the band down below your knees or up above your knees to make sure your glutes are working. Use a heavier resistance to make the move harder. Also, make sure both glutes are working to open the band and that you aren’t just pressing out with one knee.