Mini Band Side Shuffle

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To do the Mini Band Side Shuffle, place the band around both ankles. If you place the band up higher toward your knee or even right above your knee, the move will be easier. If you place it around your ankles, or even your feet, the move will be more difficult. Choose a place that allows you to take large steps and feel your glute working, but not other muscles taking over.

Step your feet about hip-width apart to start so that there is tension on the band. Bend your knees slightly and push your butt back (you can also choose to do a straight leg variation) as you make sure your knees are in line with your ankles and hips. Do not let your knees cave in. Your toes should both be pointing straight forward and your feet should be parallel. Make sure that as you side shuffle, you lead with your heel and don’t open your front toe out.

Then step laterally with one foot, stepping as wide apart as you can. Step the other foot back in, but not so close that there isn’t still tension on the band. You always want tension on the band. Also make sure the band doesn’t snap your foot back in, but instead you control the movement and step slowly.

Step again to the side with the same foot. Do not drag the back foot when you step back in. Also, try not to rock as you shuffle. Do not rush this move, but instead take big precise steps and feel your glutes working.

If your knees cave in or you start to feel other muscles taking over, move the band up your legs or choose a lighter resistance. Doing this move with your knees caving in will perpetuate bad movement patterns and won’t activate your glutes.