Mini Band Standing Kickbacks

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To do the Standing Kickback, place the band around your ankles. Higher up on your leg will make the movement a bit easier. Face a wall, chair or anything you can use to slightly balance with.

Stand with a soft knee while you lift the other foot off the ground and kick it behind you. Keep the leg fairly straight and flex your foot so you are driving the heel back into the wall behind you. Squeeze your glute as you lift. Do not rock forward to try to get the leg up higher. Height doesn’t matter. Just focus on squeezing your glute and keeping your core tight.

You may have a very slight lean forward as you stabilize on the standing leg, but you don’t want to rock forward and open up your hip just to kick back higher. Rocking forward may also put the move in your low back instead of forcing your glute to work to lift the leg.

Hold at the top and then lower down and repeat on the same side. It may not be a huge range of motion. The important part is to really squeeze the glute and not just hyperextend your low back to kick the leg back higher.

If you really struggle to keep from rocking or putting the move in your low back, you may want to lie face down on the ground and try the kickback or use a lighter resistance. Really consciously squeeze your glutes as you lift.