Mini Band Standing Lateral Raises

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To do the Standing Lateral Raises, place the band around your ankles. Face a wall, chair or anything you can use to slightly balance with. Stand with a soft knee while you lift the other off the ground and out to the side.

Keep the leg straight (but don’t lock out the knee) and lift to the side. Try not to let the toe rotate open so that the move stays focused on your abductors. Keep the foot you are lifting parallel to the foot on the ground. Squeeze your butt as you lift.

Do not lean to the side just to lift the leg higher. Keep the core tight and stand up nice and tall. Hold for a second at the top and then lower and repeat. Complete all reps on that side.

You may also feel this in the standing glute as well because that leg is working to resist the band and keep you stabile. You may find you lean a little to stabilize on the standing leg on the first one and that is fine. The point is just not to actively lean away to raise the leg up higher or to rock as you lift.

If you wish to work your external rotators more, you can then turn your toe open as you lift. Just be aware that it is a different movement and working the muscles in a different way.

Beginners may need to use a lighter band or even no band at all to start.