Modified Wall Handstand Hold

To start with a Modified Handstand Wall Hold, walk your feet only a few feet up the wall as you walk your hands back toward the wall. You want to walk your feet up the wall so that the bottoms of your feet are pressing into the wall as you walk your hands back until your hips are bent to 90 degrees and your upper body is in a nice vertical position. You want a nice straight line from the heels of your palms up to your tailbone.

Make sure your back is nice and flat and that your spine is in a nice straight line. Press your chest out and brace your abs. Hold there and make sure to breathe.

With the wall holds, also start focusing on really feeling and gripping the ground with your hands. Being able to grip the ground will become more and more important as you progress to the freestanding handstand hold.

Also, make sure that you engage your abs and glutes to protect your low back as you hold.

Once you’ve mastered this modified wall hold, walk your feet up higher on the wall.