Off Box Handstand Hold (Modified Variation)

To do the Modified Box Handstandplace your feet up on a box or bench. The higher the box or bench, the harder the move will be.

Walk your hands back a bit toward the bench and press your butt up in the air. Your legs may be slightly bent or completely straight based on your mobility. Choose one though that allows you to press your butt up in the air and mimic the vertical hold of a handstand.

As you press your butt up toward the ceiling, create a nice straight line with your arms and spine. You want a nice straight line from the heels of your palms up to your tailbone. And your biceps should be right by your ears as you hold.

Make sure to keep your abs engaged as you hold. You do not want to feel this move in your low back.

Once you start to feel comfortable with these modified holds off of the wall, you are ready to begin walking up the wall.