Pigeon Pose

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To do the Pigeon Pose, sit on the ground and bring your right foot forward. Angle your right knee toward about “2” on a clock to start. The closer to 90 degrees you bring your front knee, the harder the stretch will be so start with the “2” o’ clock position until you are ready to progress.

If you feel this a lot in the outside of your front knee, make sure you are flexing that right foot.

Then extend your left leg out behind you as much as you can. Turn that back leg slightly inward so you aren’t sitting right on top of your knee cap. By turning your leg in, you will also help square your hips to the ground and you will increase the stretch in both hips.

Holding this position, relax over your front leg. Make sure your hips are facing the ground. Do not move the front leg closer to 90 degrees if your hips aren’t both square to the ground or you will put more pressure on your back.

From here you can circle your arms from your knees to your feet in front of you, walking across the ground or you can hold.