Pike Push Up

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To do the Pike Push Up, place your feet up on a box or bench. The higher the box or bench, the harder the move will be because the more toward a full Handstand you will be.

With your feet up on the box, push your butt up in the air and walk your hands back a bit toward the bench. Your legs may be bent or straight.

As you press your butt up toward the ceiling, create a nice straight line with your arms and spine. You want a nice straight line from the heels of your palms up to your tailbone. And your biceps should be right by your ears as you hold. Press off the bench a little to try to get your butt to be almost over your head.

Then in this piked position, bend your arms and drop your head straight down toward the ground between your hands. Lower down and then press back up, fully extending your arms. Make sure you are performing a vertical push and not turning this into more of a horizontal movement or a Decline Push Up. If you are pressing back instead of up, try adjusting your feet or regressing the movement. You want to mimic a handstand, vertical press as much as you can.

Repeat, dropping your head straight down between your hands.

To regress the movement, do the Pike Push Up from the ground. To make it harder, try a handstand variation off the wall.