Plank Hold with Grips

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To do Plank Hold with Grips, set up in a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your feet together. Beginners can place their feet wider apart for a more solid base or even go to their knees or do this off an incline.

Then select the grip you want to use to strengthen your wrists. The easiest grip is the basic with your fingers spread wide and hands pointing straight ahead (the normal position we use). Even with this standard position, feel your hands really gripping the ground as you hold.

To advance from here, you could make fists with your hands and then hold in the high plank position. Keep your wrists straight as you hold.

You could then progress into a fingertip hold, pushing up higher on your fingertips so your palm is no longer on the ground.

Or you could try a wrist extension plank hold. Turn your fingertips out and back toward your feet. Then lift up into the plank position with your hands under your shoulders as you hold and your arms straight. You may need to modify your plank if you are just starting with this one so that you don’t apply too much pressure.

The most difficult variation will be the back of hand hold. Place the backs of your hands on the ground with your fingertips pointing in toward each other. Then lift up and hold, keeping your arms straight. This requires more wrist strength and beginners may need to do it from their knees to start for shorter periods of time.

While you want to progress the variation and work through all of them, it is important you don’t push through pain and slowly build or you will end up hurting yourself instead of improving your wrist mobility and strength. Take it slow!