Plank with Oblique Knee Tucks

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To do the Plank with Oblique Knee Tucks, set up in a Front Plank from your forearms and toes (advanced) or knees (beginner). Stack your elbows under your shoulders and maintain a nice straight line from your head to your knees or toes.

From the Front Plank, rotate into a right Side Plank. Keep your bottom hip up and your shoulder stacked above your elbow.

As you move into the Side Plank, reach your left hand up and forward over your head. Lift your top leg up and then bring your elbow and knee together. Stay balanced and keep your bottom hip up.

Reach both back out again and then rotate back forward into a Front Plank.

Switch to a Side Plank on the other side. Again reach the leg and hand out and then bring them together.  Keep alternating sides until all reps are complete. Make sure you keep your hips up, but also don’t let your butt go up in the air as you move through the series.