Prevent Foot And Ankle Pain – Try This Series!

If you’ve had foot or ankle issues in the past (Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Calf Strains…), you need to work on your ankle mobility and make sure to keep in your rehab as prehab.

It can even simply be 5 minutes of that restorative work done before your workout as part of your warm up.

Especially if you’re a runner, this little series is the perfect way to include your foot and ankle prehab as part of your warm up routine!

The 5-Minute Foot And Ankle Pain RStoration Series

Set a timer for 30 seconds on each move and move from one exercise to the next. Do one round through the circuit.

30 seconds per side Foot Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side Peroneal Foam Rolling
30 seconds Kneeling Foot Stretch to Bear Squat
30 seconds Toe Scrunchies
30 seconds Heel to Toe Rocks
30 seconds Inside/Outside Rocks
30 seconds Calf Raise Circles
30 seconds Roll to Squat

If you’re looking for more prehab series to keep your feet, ankles, knees and hips healthy, check out my Glute Camp!