Stretch and Roll Out:


Complete 2-4 rounds of each superset. Do not rest between exercises. Do both on one side then switch sides. Each side will rest while the other completes both moves. Then rest 1-2 minutes between supersets. Make sure you push so that the moves burn and your flutes are pumped.

15 reps per side each way Side Balance Circles FWD/BWD
20 reps per side Side Balance Leg Lifts

20 reps per side Straight Leg Kickbacks
15 reps per side 3-Way Leg Circles

Stretch and Roll Out:


It’s very important that you push through the burn and complete both moves back to back. It is better to rest longer between rounds than to rest between the exercises although you get the best pump if you can push a little through the burn.

Make sure to complete a full range of motion and not rush too much as you fatigue.

This burner can also be shortened into a Warm Up or even a “Burn Out” after a leg day. Although it is a great in-between heavy leg lifts workout as well if you really want to build your butt!


Side Balance Circles FWD/BWD – Start on one knee with your other leg straight out to the side. Then place your hand down to the outside of your knee so you are a side balance position almost like a Side Plank. Then lift the straight leg up to about parallel to the ground and begin to circle the leg from the hip. Make as big of circles as possible. Complete all circles forward then go backward. Make sure to keep the leg up and feel the outside of your glute and hip working.

side balance hip circles
Side Balance Leg Lifts – Set up in the Side Balance position. Then lift your straight leg up to parallel to the ground and lower back down. Complete all reps on one side before switching.

side balance leg lifts flute activation
Straight Leg Kickbacks – 
To do the Straight Leg Kickback, set up on your hands and knees with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Flex your feet. Then kick one leg back, driving your heel straight back into the wall behind you. Squeeze the glute as you lift the leg and drive the heel toward the wall behind you. Make sure to keep your arms straight as you kick back and your abs engaged. Don’t arch your low back just to try to kick your leg back higher. Try to get your quad to about parallel to the ground. Also make sure to keep your hips square to the ground. Do not rotate open as you kick back. The height of the kickback doesn’t matter as long as you feel your hips extend and your glutes engage. You do not want to feel this move in your low back. Hold for a second or two at the top and really contract your glutes before lowering back down. Don’t rush the movement. The slower you go and the longer you hold, the harder the move will be. Complete all reps on one side before switching.

3-Way Leg Circles – Start on your hands and knees like with the Fire Hydrant. Flex your feet. You will then kick one leg back like with the Donkey Kick. Hold here for a second. Make sure to keep your arms straight and squeeze your glutes. Then, without lowering the leg day, bring the leg up to the side into the Fire Hydrant position. Keep your foot flexed and knee bent to 90 degrees. Without touching the knee down, drive the knee forward towards your elbow. Feel your abs engage as you hold. Lower yourself back down and repeat on the same side starting with the Donkey Kick.

glute activation hip circles