Stretch and Roll Out:
Upper Back


Complete 2 rounds of the circuit below.

30 seconds Scapular Wall Hold
30 seconds Handstand
30 seconds Dead Hang
30 seconds each side Side Planks


Complete 3 rounds of the ladder for each superset. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Then rest up to 2 minutes between supersets. For instructions on how to do the Ladder see the Notes.

1-5 reps Pull Up
1-5 reps Push Up

1-5 reps Inverted Row
1-5 reps Dips

1-5 reps per side Sandbag Plank Pulls
1-5 reps per side Turkish Hinge


To do this workout, you will do one rep of each exercise in the superset. Then two reps of each, then three…up to 5 reps of each. Then rest before completing another round. Try to go quickly back and forth between the two exercises, using a weight that challenges you but allows you to keep building.

Adjust weight as necessary.


Pull Up – For variations and modifications, check out our post on How to do a Pull Up. Basic Pull Up shown below.

pull up back exercise

Push Up – Check out this post on push up form if you need assistance. You can also change up the type of push up you do. Try close grip, wide grip, staggered stance, decline…even handstand. Mix it up! Basic Push Up shown below.

push up isometrics

Inverted Row – For variations and modifications, check out our post on Inverted Rows. Basic Inverted Row shown below.


Dip – For variations and modifications, check out our post on Dips. The full dip is show below.

full dip

Sandbag Plank Pulls – Set up in a plank position from your hands and toes or hands and knees and place the sandbag on the ground to one side of your body just outside and below your shoulder. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders and then place your feet or knees wider apart to give you more stability. The closer together your feet are, the harder the move will be because you won’t have as wide or stable a base. If you feel your hips rocking side to side, widen your feet out. If the move is too easy, bring your feet closer together. Then reach your hand under your body and across to grab the sandbag. Squeeze your glutes and, without rotating your hips, pull the sandbag through and across to the other side of your body. Make sure your body stays in a nice straight line with your abs engaged as you reach through and pull. Do not let your hips go up in the air or sag toward the ground. You want to pull the sandbag all the way across and outside the other shoulder. If you can’t pull the sandbag all the way across or need to rotate your hips a lot to do so, it may be too heavy. Then reach through with the other hand to pull it back. To fight your body’s desire to rotate, you will need to engage your core and really squeeze your glutes. You do not want to feel this move in your low back. Keep alternating reaches until all reps are complete. Your goal is to keep a nice straight line from your head to your heels the entire time.


Turkish Hinge – Start by kneeling on your left leg with your left hand out to the side and a little in back of your left knee. Your right knee is bent with your right foot flat on the ground. Your right arm should be pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Advanced exercisers will hold a weight in their right hand. Then from this supported kneeling position, you are going to hinge up to kneeling. You will lift your left hand up and move from the leaning position to kneeling straight up. As you hinge to the side, make sure your chest doesn’t collapse forward or round. You want to stay up nice and tall and really feel your right oblique engage to pull you up. Then lower back down and place your left hand back on the ground and repeat.