Rainbow Split Squat Jumps

To do Rainbow Split Squat Jumps, step one foot forward so you are in a nice wide stance. Hold a med ball or dumbbell in both hands and bring it outside that front leg. Sink into a deep lunge, bending the back knee down toward the ground as you bend the front knee. Bring the ball outside your front hip.

Then jump up and as you do switch your legs so that you land with the opposite leg in front. As you jump and switch legs, swing the ball up overhead and down outside the other hip.

When you land and bring the ball outside your other hip, sink straight into a lunge on the other side. Then jump back into a lunge on the first side, swinging the ball in a rainbow overhead and down to the other hip.

Move quickly and try to get up off the ground. Get as deep in the lunges as you can as well. Make sure though that you don’t start to go forward, but land and sit back in the lunge a bit.

Beginners may not be able to sink as low in the lunge and may need to do more of a step back with a hop instead of a jump from lunge to lunge.