Redefining Strength Cori

“But I’m Working So Hard!”

Have you ever felt like you aren’t seeing the results you deserve no matter how hard you work?

You workout. You eat healthy. So why aren’t the results adding up?

It comes down to having the right system. 

Think about this…

If you tell yourself, “Don’t think about ice cream” 🍦

What do you immediately think about?

Ice cream, right? 

So often results come down to the right mindset…Even if it’s a very small change 🧠

Researchers at Boston College and University of Houston once conducted a study with two different groups. They had the first group of participants tell themselves “I can’t eat candy.”

What happened?

Only 39% of those people were successful in not eating candy 🍭

The had the second group do the same thing but with one tiny tweak…

They second group told themselves, “I DON’T eat candy.”

The result?

64% of them were successful.

That’s nearly a 50% improvement

And all it took was changing ONE SINGLE WORD. 

One small mindset shift.

The participants in group 2 weren’t working harder than the participants in group 1…

But they were working smarter… 

The Right MINDSET + The Right SYSTEM = Desired RESULTS

Mindset is one part of the equation, but when you combine this with the right system that’s where the magic happens. 

In another study at Cornell University researchers found that changing from 12-inch plates to 10-inch plates led to participants eating 22% fewer calories.

No change in diet, no cutting out food groups, no extreme discipline…


So often when we embark on a new fitness journey or routine we take the wrong approach. We ask ourselves insanely difficult questions like…

“Can I add in a second workout each day?”

“Can I cut out all carbs?”

“Can I avoid social events?”



We’re Asking The wrong Question

What if instead of asking yourself questions that disrupt your entire life, you asked yourself an easier question…

Can you change one word in your vocabulary?

Can you use a smaller plate?

These are examples of the RIGHT MINDSET combined with the RIGHT SYSTEM.

It resets how you think and leads to new and better results without more effort.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, it takes *some* hard work.

This is not EASY. But it is SIMPLE and it won’t be nearly as challenging as you think. 

And of course, it also takes knowing WHAT changes to make.

That’s where I come in.

If I gave you the exact blueprint to make these changes would you implement it?

Do you think you would be more likely to succeed without extreme restriction or endless hours of cardio?

Do you think you could commit to a program for 6 weeks designed just for you?

A 6-Week reset can reshape how you think about your health and fitness FOREVER.

At this point I’m sure you may still be skeptical and that’s a good thing!

There are so many nonsense fitness programs out there that aren’t based on science but rather on elimination and restriction.

This creates a bigger problem than you realize…



rHave you been a victim of “Restriction Rebound?”

It comes from a big lie.

A lie you can go read all over social media and in pretty much any fitness magazine you pick up.

It goes like this…

“You can’t eat junk food and get in shape. You need to EAT CLEAN! Just start eating chicken and broccoli if you want to see results.”

Or it might be “Just go KETO and cut out ALL carbs.”

Or maybe it’s “Add a second workout every day and do an hour of extra cardio”

I could honestly go all day with these.

Just insert whatever fad diet is popular….

You’ll notice they all have one big thing in common. They make you cut something out. And it’s usually something you love.

One reason why is because it’s easier. It’s easier to say “cut out all carbs” than it is to take the time to teach you what your body needs.

Another reason is it keeps you coming back for more. There’s a reason we all know the term fad diet.

My guess is at some point you’ve tried some form of restriction like this and it didn’t work out.

I been duped by this myself…I repeated this mistake over and over for almost a decade restricting foods I knew I couldn’t live without long term before i finally saw the results I wanted.

Why is restriction so dangerous?

When you restrict too much, your body goes into survival mode.

Your metabolism slows down. You get tired, cranky and hangry 🤬

Your cravings SKYROCKET 🚀

This is bad but it gets worse.

What happens psychologically is what creates the BIG PROBLEM.

Just like our friends from the candy study, when you tell yourself you can’t have your favorite foods… a little voice in your head says “oh heck no!”

Deep inside you know you might be able to do this for a few weeks but you can’t keep it up forever.

All you can think about is the foods you’ll eat when the diet is “over.”

If you’re like me, that means daydreaming of ice cream 🍦, chips and guacamole🥑, burritos 🌯 and pizza 🍕

That restriction starts to drive you crazy.

Then next thing you know…you need to binge.

It’s only one day. No big deal.

What’s happening is what I call ‘Restriction Rebound’.

Your mind and body enter rebellion mode. You essentially force yourself to gorge down the foods you miss and love.

This restriction rebound is so dangerous because it not only leads to gaining even more fat back, but it also can lead to but long-lasting metabolic damage.

Even if you do manage to discipline yourself and “work hard” to stick to an extreme diet and exercise program…

… you’ll feel absolutely miserable in the process.

The truth is you can get fit AND enjoy your favorite foods at the same time.

When you RESET your approach you can still eat all the foods you love and see the results you’ve always wanted.

I’ve seen results from tens of thousands of clients over the years who have seen amazing results without restriction.

These are people just like you…

Moms, women in their 50s going through menopause, chronic dieters and exercisers who just don’t see results no matter how hard they work.

You need to press the RESET BUTTON. It’s a 3 step process that takes you through 6 weeks and shows you how to avoid restriction rebound and finally beat that crash dieting cycle.


It’s As Easy As 1,2,3…

Figuring out the right way to reset old habits can be confusing. 

There are so many different opinions and options out there.

One person says one thing and a quick scroll later, you see the exact OPPOSITE opinion.

How they heck can you figure out what is right?

The simple answer is…no one size fits all.

But there are 3 fundamental pillars an efficient Reset is built off of…






3. Self Empowerment


“Follow along meal plans” and free online calculators are a great starting point, but they’re simply guesswork...

The truth is one size doesn’t fit all.

If you hate diets, join the club!

Our dieting culture sets us up for failure. And why wouldn’t it?

If you can’t stick with something, you have to just come back and buy MORE!

And teaching someone about nutrition?

Well it can be a stinky and frustrating process, one so many professionals try to avoid. Instead they pretend there is a magic super food or secret way to out train your diet.

But there isn’t.

And the worst part is we can be “eating clean” and still not see the results we deserve!

Our needs, goals and lifestyle are constantly changing and that means our diet must also evolve.

That is why Pillar #1 of the Reset is Adaptable Nutrition.

Whether it’s a busy week at work, family obligations that have you running around, the holidays or traveling for work, it can be hard to dial in your diet to see the amazing fat loss results you want. 

Because one size doesn’t fit all and our needs are constantly evolving, your nutrition needs to adapt as well.

The Reset system is overseen by the RS Registered Dietitian and not only matches YOUR personal needs and goals but it also matches your workout progression. We have to remember that systems matter most!

With the Reset you’ll get…

Delicious recipes your family will love that don’t make you feel like you’re on a diet and are easy to prep for those busy weeks.

• Personalized Macro Ratios to help you feel satisfied and fueled. Say bye bye to constantly cutting out foods. These ratios will adjust and adapt as you progress to help you avoid plateauing.

• Office Hours with my Registered Dietitian are also there to help you tweak macros and make sure you’re promoting your healthiest self as you become a lean, strong superstar! Any health concerns, she is there to support you on your journey! 

Redefining Strength Cori


Whether you want to lose fat, gain strength or build back from an injury, my dynamic training system is strategically designed to help you maximize every second you train. 

This doesn’t mean cutting out all rest and feeling like you’re going to barf or walk around like one of those leg day memes every day.

It doesn’t mean you need a full gym and crazy equipment.

It doesn’t mean you have to do some weird moves that leave you wondering if your brain got even more of a workout than your body.

What it DOES mean is that you’ll learn how to use your time wisely and efficiently so you can actually get consistent and see those results snowball.

It will help you save countless hours in the gym and even stay on track during the holidays, or over summer vacations…or any of those times we usually…well…SLACK!

Your 6-week progression will be clearly mapped out in a dynamic way that is built around what YOUR BODY needs.

It’s a dynamic training routine that adapts and progresses to help you avoid plateauing and get amazing results! 

By increasing your weekly training frequency for each area while managing your daily training volume, focusing on compound, multi-planar movements with active rest, you’ll maximize your training time to build full-body strength while promoting better fat loss from those stubborn areas.

This includes alternative moves, modifications and variations to adapt as you progress while allowing you to work at your specific intensity and modify around injuries.

Say bye bye to boring hour long gym sessions or not knowing what to do!




To create a true RESET you can’t just blindly follow a program, you need to truly understand the WHY behind things – by learning what you need to get results so you can understand those fundamental building blocks for success.

I want you to become INDEPENDENT not dependent on me.


Because I know if you feel confident moving forward, you’ll maintain your results long-term AND refer all your friends to my amazing program 😜

That’s why this self empowerment pillar is so key!

To help you achieve true self empowerment the 6-week reset includes my Mentorship RESET System. This comes with…

• In-App trainer messaging support whenever you need. And during the day, we’ll get back to you within minutes to adjust workouts, review your diet and even get you recipes or cheat sheets as you need so you can learn and succeed!

• Group Coaching Calls with Cori (ME!) to ask your questions and dive more into the WHY behind everything. As much as we just want to be told what to do, which me and my trainers are happy to do!, we know that lasting results come from truly learning what you need! Education is the name of the game!

• Mini Challenges to help you with habit building. It isn’t just about repeating “actions,” it’s about embracing changes. So often we make all of these changes to feel like, long-term, we don’t have the discipline or willpower or motivation to keep doing them. But that’s because we haven’t truly built the habit or had that mindset shift to make them sustainable! These mini challenges help shift our perspective!

• Zoom Trainer Office Hours so you can pop in at any time and ask your questions and get them answered live! Even if you need a quick form review, me and my trainers are there to help!

I’m not here to sell you some quick fix or fad. I’m here to get you the sustainable and lasting habits that will lead to the results you’ve always wanted.



Whether you want to lose weight, get rid of that stubborn belly fat, build strength and muscle, improve your mobility and stability or simply get a killer sweat going, the workouts are designed to match your training needs and goals.

No matter the equipment you have access to, you’ll be able to achieve amazing results. There is a workout program for you whether you have access to a full gym or are training at home without any equipment.

And don’t worry if you’ve seen some of my moves before and thought, “OH HECK NO!” There are workout routines for EVERY LEVEL!

The workouts are matched to your schedule so the length and frequency of workouts will fit no matter how much or how little time you have.



It’s easy to buy a program…

It’s not so easy to actually get started using it!

Change is often hard and…well…sucky!

That’s why I wanted to make sure you had someone there to help guide you when you felt overwhelmed or needed help.

The RS training team is just a message away. 

Whether you need help knowing where to start, how to hit your ratios or even how to adjust an exercise, you’ll have a coach there to assist.

Just message us! And don’t be shy!

Nutrition Tools You Need To Succeed

From an amazing MyFitnessPal Integration to an easy-to-use food photo journal, you’ll be able to keep track of everything you’re doing to make sure you’re dialing in your nutrition to meet your needs and goals.

And say “Bye bye!” to boring, bland meal prep! You’ll get some delicious new macro-friendly recipes your whole family will love (just make sure they don’t steal the leftovers!)

Eating according to your goals means creating that sustainable lifestyle balance right for you. And that even means indulging in alcohol or dining out. Learn how to not feel like that friend “always on a diet” while achieving the amazing results that will make your friends jealous!


It’s hard to get wrapped up in day to day tasks.

That’s why we help you keep track of your progress and celebrate your wins along the way.

 From progress photos to workout improvements you’ll have all of your information right at your finger tips.

This way when your 6 weeks are over you’ll be able to look back and reflect on not just the physical changes you’ve made but the mental and habit changes as well.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need?

The program is designed around what you have! Whether you prefer to train in a full gym or with bodyweight at home, the 6 week reset will work for you.

AND if you ever need a swap during the program, you can message in the app and we’re here to help

What If I Need Help?

You have the support of a trainer whenever you need it! Message us in the app and we’ll be there to reply and help you make any changes you need! We usually respond within minutes (unless we’re sleeping of course since we are real people 😊) You also have access to Zoom Office Hours and my Coaching Calls each and every week!

How Long Do These Workouts Take?

It depends on your workout preferences and schedule! When you sign up you fill out an intake questionairre and let us know how many days per week you have to work out and how much time you want to spend. The workouts are designed around your schedule.

Do I Have To Be An Advanced Exerciser To Do These?

NOPE! Not only do you have access to a trainer if you need to modify, but the intake form you fill out allows us to program the correct dynamic training plan for you.

I Have Dietary Restrictions...Is That An Issue?

Nope! We have a Registered Dietitian on staff to help with health concerns and we can help you hit your macros no matter your dietary needs!

What Happens After The 6 Weeks

You go out and conquer the world! 🤩

But seriously after the 6 week reset is up you will be able to keep your workout PDFs.

However, you will lose access to the trainer and app other than to review your previous data and measurements.

If you’d like to keep access to the app, get even more new workouts, there are some options if you choose to continue on.

Is there any reason why I SHOULDN'T Do this?

If you’re an excuse maker or someone who refuses to change their ways I woudn’t recomment signing up. Change requires change and if you’re not open to embracing a new system I can say with 100% certainty this will not work.