Resistance Band Rows

To do the Two-Arm Resistance Band Row, anchor the band around a piece of stable furniture or in a doorway so that it is just below chest height.

Facing the anchor point, grab a handle in each hand and then step away from the anchor point and sink into a little squat. Sit the butt back and keep the chest up nice and tall with the arms extended out in front of you.

Then row the band back to your chest or just below. Pinch your shoulder blades down and back as you row the band back. Stay in the squat as you row back and make sure to keep your chest up nice and tall and your back flat.

Do not round forward as you row or shrug your shoulders. You want to drive your elbows down and back so that the big muscles of your back activate instead of irritating your upper traps by making them do work they can’t handle.

Row the handles all the way to your body and then straighten your arms back out. Stay in control of the band the entire time.

Sink lower in the squat to work your legs more or move back further from the anchor point to increase the tension. You can also slow down the tempo of the movement to make it harder. More time under tension can produce better results!

Beginners may want to start with a lighter resistance or stay closer to the anchor point; however, you still want there to be tension even with your arms extended.