Resistance Band Standing Lateral Raises

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If you have a Resistance Band that has handles that can be changed out for an ankle strap, use that ankle strap. You can also do this with a band you can tie into a circle and then step instead to perform lateral raises. If your band simply has handles, you can either place your foot through the handle or loop the band around the anchor point and connect the handles.

To do the Standing Lateral Raise, place the band around your ankle and stand sideways to the anchor point. You may want a wall, chair or pole close by to help you balance. The band should be around the ankle furthest from the anchor point.

Then with both toes pointing straight ahead, lift the leg with the band straight out to the side. Try not to lean away too much as you lift. Really focus on squeezing your glutes as you lift to the side. You will feel your standing leg working as well to help you balance and stay up nice and tall. Lower the leg back down and repeat.

Keep your feet parallel as you lift and lower. Feel the sides of your glutes and outside your hips working. Complete all reps on one side before switching.