Roll to Oblique V-Up

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To do the Roll to Oblique V-Up, lie on your side, slightly rocked back onto the fleshy part of your glute so that your body is slightly rotated open toward the ceiling. Place your bottom arm out in front of you just below shoulder height and angle your straight legs out a bit out in front of you with one stacked on top of the other. Place your top hand behind your head.

Then, keeping your legs together, lift your feet up toward the ceiling as you crunch your upper body up to reach your elbow toward your feet. “V up” on your side, pressing off your bottom arm as you use your abs to lift your legs and crunch your elbow toward your legs.

Then relax back down, but don’t completely release at the bottom. Instead, keeping your abs engaged, roll onto your back and then onto your other side. Keep your legs slightly lifted and only lightly touch your bottom shoulder back down to the ground before you V up on the other side.

Once you perform a V up on the other side, roll back to the first side and repeat.