Scapular Band Fly

To do the Scapular Band Fly, hold the resistance band in both hands with your hands about shoulder-width apart. If you hold in closer, it will make the move harder. Just make sure you can properly fly your arms out without shrugging your shoulders. Press your chest out so you are standing nice and tall and keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Do not shrug. Then raise your arms up straight in front of you at about shoulder height or right below. Keeping your arms straight, pull out on the band to open your arms out to the sides as you bring the band in toward your chest. Pinch your shoulder blades down and together as you open and stretch the band. Do not let your shoulders shrug up as you pull the band. Hold with your arms open for a second or two and feel your back working. Then bring your arms back together so your arms are about shoulder-width apart again. Make sure there isn’t slack in the band even when you bring your arms back in front of you. Repeat the fly. Do not let the band pull you or let your elbows bend as you fly your arms open. If you have to bend your arms to do the fly or if your shoulders shrug up, you may want to go lighter or not hold in as close if your hands are closer together than shoulder-width apart.