Side Lunge with Knee

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To do the Side Lunge with Knee Drive, start standing tall then lunge out to the side, sitting your butt back as you hinge forward slightly and load your glute. Push your butt back and sink down, bending your outside knee as your other leg stays straight. You can reach to the ground or keep your hands at your chest. It can even be helpful to reach the opposite arm toward the heel you lunged out with to help you sit back.

Then quickly drive back to standing and, without touching your foot down if possible, drive that knee up and in across your body. You can rotate your upper body toward that knee almost as if pulling someone’s head down and across your body into your knee. Touch the toe down if needed then repeat the lunge back out followed by the quick knee drive.

Feel your legs working with the lunge and your abs working with the knee drive and rotation.

Beginners may not sink as low in the lunge or step out as far. They may also touch their toe down to balance between the lunge and knee drive.