Side Lunge with Leg Raise

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To do the Side Lunge with Leg Raise, start standing with your feet together. Then step out to the side and sink into a side lunge, bending that outside knee as you sit back and hinge at the hips. Keep the other leg straight as you sink down. Make sure to sit your butt back as you sink down.

Then drive off that foot and come back up to standing. If needed, tap your foot down then lift your leg straight up and out to the side. Feel the outside of your glute working to lift the leg out to the side.You can lean away just slightly to help you balance but try not to lean over to the side too much just to get the leg up higher. Do not actively rotate the toe open as you lift the leg.

Lower the leg back down and tap your foot down if needed before then lunging back out to the same side.