Side Lying Series

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The Side Lying Series includes the 5 moves below. Complete all on one side before switching.

  • Lying Leg Raises – Start lying on your side with your head propped in your hand and your top hand down in front to stabilize you. Lift your top leg up so that it is at least 8 inches from your bottom leg. You want to keep it at least 8, if not 12 inches up, after starting this series. To start then lift and lower the leg. Make sure your toe doesn’t rotate open and you stay on your side as you lift and lower. Do not lower any closer than 8 inches. Stay in that working range. Complete all reps then move on to the Lying Front Kicks.
  • Lying Front Kicks – Keeping your leg up, perform kicks forward. Do not let your leg drop down closer to the ground. These should be small kicks forward and then back to the starting position over your bottom leg. After completing all reps, move into Lying Back Kicks.
  • Lying Back Kicks – For this start with your top leg still raised and this time kick back. Feel not only outside your hip working to keep the leg up, but also your glute maximus working to extend your hip as you kick back. Complete all reps in a controlled fashion. Try to stay on your side and not rock your entire body.
  • Lying Front to Back Kicks – You will combine the front to back kicks into one motion. Perform a full range of motion, kicking forward then all the way back. Do not swing or let your leg come closer than 8 inches from the ground. Keep your body still as you kick the leg forward and back. Feel your glute really work as you kick back and your hip extend. Once all reps are completed in a controlled fashion do Lying Bicycles.
  • Lying Bicycles – Keeping your leg up, pedal your leg as if pedaling on a bicycle. Draw the foot back as you draw the knee in then kick slightly out in front as you pedal your leg back out straight. Make sure during all reps of all the moves you always keep that top leg up and don’t let that toe rotate open. You want to feel the outside of your hip and glute working!