Side Tap Twists

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To do the Side Tap Twists, start standing with your hands up at your chest and your elbows out just at or below shoulder height. Then pivot to extend one leg out to the side. You will be on the ball of the foot you tap out and your hips and torso should be rotated the other way. Your other standing foot will be pivoted slightly open to keep your knee safe as you rotate toward the outside of that leg. You may bend the knee of the standing leg and bit and feel that glute load.

Then quickly jump and switch, touching your other toe out to the side as you pivot away from that leg. The leg you touch out will be straight while your other leg will be slightly bent. Your bent leg will be supporting more of your weight as you rotate toward the outside of it.

Quickly jump back and pivot as you touch the starting leg out to the side. Move quickly and feel your abs working as you twist and tap from side to side.